Classmate Remix

Rollling Stone 😉

Review by Laura Seward

It’s week 4 on the charts and #inte5340 is really on a roll. Last week saw a creative explosion from students like Andrew and Laura, as they got the online learning tools more under control, allowing time for creative fun. Andrew really got in touch with his media CREATORIST, rounding out his top 5 last week. Can’t wait to see what he creates next, he’ll be one to watch!

Andrew’s Greatest Hits:

  1. “Dads Story About Cooking School And The Famous Meal He Made For Mom” Audio Interview – Heartwarming and funny look into personal stories. You can see where Andrew gets his sense of humor.
  2. “Story about my grandfather riding a horse through NYC” Audio Interview – proof that dads are awesome.
  3. “Dad” Photograph – cozy context for audio interviews.
  4. “Cartooned Myself” Daily Create – humorous and personal spin on a classic cartoon aesthetic.
  5. “We will not give up” Meme – pairs a universal message and image in an effective and comical way.

Check out Andrew’s work here or follow him on Twitter.

What fans had to say:

“The recordings of Andrew’s father telling his stories appealed to me because I remember my grandfather telling wonderful stories, and luckily some of my family members recorded them so they are not lost. It also appealed to me because my father passed away when I was a teenager, so I will never get the chance to hear his stories. I was inspired to remix some of Andrew’s work, and I very much enjoyed getting to ‘spend time’ with him and his Dad. Thanks.” -Laura



Remix process, in the spirit of sharing:

I downloaded Andrew’s Soundcloud audio clip using Clip Converter and downloaded the photo of his dad from his blog. Next, I opened the photo in Photoshop and used ScreenFlow to capture video of the painting/editing process, then I took the video into iMovie and increased the speed to make fit the audio. Finally I added musical effects from iMovie jingles for audio texture, and voila, a speed painting video/audio collaboration was born.

Remix on multiple levels – appropriation, copying, remixing!


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