I am a digital art teacher, graduate student, mother, wife, photographer, and artist. The order depends on the day, but always a Creative.


Biography and Philosophy

My name is Laura Seward and I am currently a graduate student at the University of Colorado Denver seeking a Master of Arts Information & Learning Technologies (ILT), and a Digital Art Teacher in Career & Technical Education (CTE) program at Westminster High School (WHS). When I discovered the ILT program, I knew I had found the answer I have searched for since I had to leave a similar program through Full Sail University due to their accreditation status not being recognized by my school district or state. While the program did not work for me as a Colorado educator, through that program I rediscovered the student in me who loves to learn, thrives on the challenge of deadlines, enjoys collaborating with classmates, and appreciates the authentic feedback of educators.

I have experienced in my career and personal life that hard work and dedication are worth the difficulties that come along with responsibility. I have learned that staying organized and on top of tasks is the most effective way for me to juggle career, personal life, and continuing my own education. I look forward to the challenges and experiences as I am a lifelong learner who values expanding my skills and knowledge.

Instruction I facilitate for my students offers a variety of competency-based content including technology, art history and foundations, media education, literacy, and mathematics, while remaining relevant to student’s lives and experiences. Students in my courses have the unique experience of blending academic advancement with hands-on skills they take with them to many postsecondary options. As an educator, I believe that learning is a collaborative process among teachers and students, and balance is the key. It is essential to a comprehensive education for students to explore forms of expression, to learn about many cultures and to look at the world from multiple points of view.

In the visual culture we live in, digital media literacy is a vital component for a 21st century learner. I challenge students to think critically and creatively, and to utilize verbal, written and visual forms to express themselves eloquently. My students are offered the privileges, and responsibilities, of being actively involved in a multimedia, multicultural learning process while they discover and develop their creative talents.

I am most proud of consistently building relationships through communication and collaboration. While at WHS I have worked cooperatively with students, parents, staff, administrators, and community on a variety of projects ranging from mentoring, to designs for school organizations and district activities, as well as local, state and national exhibits and competitions. I believe that teamwork is essential to the success of an organization, and I am committed to the future of WHS. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to grow as one of the innovators of my district. The ILT program offers me the skills, experience, and educators I need to take the next steps in expanding my influence within my own classroom and beyond.